For the past 24 years we have been conducting both Rifle and Bow Hunting
as well as Photographic Safaris, in Southern Africa.

Useful information/requirements when visiting South Africa

All possible precautions are taken to protect you against accidents.

While all possible precautions are taken to protect you against accidents, sickness or any other loss, no liability can be accepted in these regards. You are therefore required to arrange your own personal, travel, hunting and medical insurance.


Please consult your health care practitioner to get a Malaria prophylaxis before visiting.

While most of South Africa is malaria-free, visitors to the northern parts near the Zimbabwean border as well as the Lowveld towards Mozambique are advised to take a malarial prophylaxis at least a week before entering these areas.
Preventing mosquito bites, by staying indoors between dusk and dawn and wearing long sleeve clothing and trousers, is the most effective way to prevent malaria.

Documentation Required
  • passport
  • gun documentation See Importation of Fire Arms
  • medical documentation See Packing List
  • credit cards, travelers' cheques, cash (South African Rand)
  • business cards
  • air tickets & your travel agent's contact details
  • travel insurance (usually arranged by your travel agent)
  • address & contact details for your outfitter/PH in Africa