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Wade / 23-06-2023, 07:46

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0.0 "Going to Africa has always been a dream of mine and Theron Safaris exceeded my expectations. The species and the number of animals seen was phenomenal, the accommodations were great, the food was delicious, and the people were wonderful. Gerrie went out o"

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David Richardson / 23-06-2023, 07:40

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0.0 "Jerry and the guides were top notch!"

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Ken McLendon / 08-04-2023, 12:08

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10.0 "Amazing! From the welcome song to the farewells at the airport, World Class. Can't imagine a safari company being any better. I can't wait to return."

  • +The staff, accommodations, food and the sheer numbers and quality of the game were amazing. The PHs were the perfect blend of expertise, service and fun. Gerrie, Chicken and Kevin will bring out the best in you.
  • -I cannot think of any cons to bring up!

George Fritz / 14-03-2023, 17:55

+2 -0

10.0 "My experience with Theron African Safaris was a trip of a lifetime. From Gerrie, Corne, Chicken, Kevin and the rest of your crew was better than I could ever imagine. "

  • +Great facilities, great food, staff very professional and the quality of animals to choose from is top notch. You have to experience this great setup.
  • -To be honest, I can't think of one thing.

Mark P - Casper, WY USA / 11-03-2023, 20:18

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10.0 "Excellent!! They provided an amazing experience the entire trip. "

  • +I can't begin to describe how fantastic our trip was. Our group of four ranged from very experienced to a first-time ever hunter. Gerrie and Corne were able to tailor the trip to exceed all of our expectations. This was my first trip hunting in Africa and my third outfitted/guided trip (caribou NWT & Big Horn Sheep WY), best one yet. My Buffalo hunt was absolutely a dream come true on every level. Hunting started at dawn, returning to camp each day in the dark, cutting tracks, spotting and stalking. I had no less than six to eight heart pounding stalks on what I felt were amazing bulls, but Gerrie is meticulous in selecting the proper age and quality of the animal, waiting until we were able to take an outstanding old mature bull. The plains game hunting was simply awesome. Absolutely loved the tent camp, the meals were incredible. All of the PH's, trackers, and skinners were a great bunch of guy's.
  • -NONE!! Communication was excellent from the beginning through receiving my trophies. I cannot say that you would have a bad experience with another safari company, but I am confident you will have an exceptional experience with Theron