Since 1999 we strive to offer our clients an unforgettable hunting safari and value for money.

Gerrie Theron has a 90% success rate in hunters that return every year, to relive this awesome experience. We pride ourselves in our hospitality and utmost professionalism towards our guests. THERON AFRICA SAFARIS Pty Ltd, has a proud tradition to have over 80% rating on animals booked and animals hunted.

Gerrie Theron has hunted with his clients in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique and has extensive knowledge of the African bush and Big game hunting.

Gerrie believes in the spirit of fair chase in all of your hunting endeavors and our stance on conservation through hunting is evident by the abundance of game in our hunting areas. Long after you have left, you will still recall the warm welcome, professionalism and hospitality extended to you on your hunting safari, and you will return soon.

Some of our fleet of vehicles: